Five Tumblr dashboard tips for speed

Quick info

Blog with links in dashboard

To find out information about your other blogs use “alt” and click on the name of the blog to bring up the quick statistics of followers, drafts, messages and the queue.

Edit: This tip no longer works in the new Tumblr dashboard (September 2012)

Reblog quickly

Alt + reblog button technique in dashboard

Here’s a helpful time-saving tip, to reblog posts in your dash quickly. Simply press down “alt” on the keyboard and click on the reblog button.

Instead of having to wait for the reblog page to load, the post is automatically reblogged.

Find out when posts were published

Dog ear in corner of post showing time and date

You know those little dog ears that flip down when you hover over a post in the dash? Hovering over it will reveal the date and time the post was published. It even links to the post’s permalink in the blog.

Skim the dash

Tumblr allows you to quickly browse the dash using only your keyboard with these handy shortcuts:

  • J - next post
  • K - previous post
  • L - like the current post.

Reblog full posts

Changing from 'reblog link' to 'reblog text'

When reblogging long text posts, they are often cut off as Tumblr automatically sets them as links.

Simply select the “as …” button to change the post type to text, and receive all the wordy goodness.

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